Pakistan Afghanistan
The history of Pakistani rug weaving dates back many centuries. Before the departure of the British from India about sixty years ago, Pakistan and India were both united as one country. Both Pakistani's and Indians were trained in rug weaving techniques. When Afghanistan was taken over by the Soviets in 1979, millions of Afghans fled to Pakistan and got involved in rug weaving for their livelihood. The drainage of Afghan rug weavers has created a weakening rug weaving industry in Afghanistan, as during this period of time, the industry in Afghanistan was virtually nonexistent.


Here are some photos I took in Pakistan ...

The only crossing open between Pakistan and India.

Looking from Pakistan to the Indian border gate.

Visiting a food market.

Yummy desserts.

Clipping the front of a rug.

Trimming the fringes.

Wool waiting to be dyed.

Final straightening.

A rug waiting to be clipped.

Here it is, dyed wool.

Making sure the rug is straight and rectangular.

Finishing the fringe.

Binding the edges of a rug.

Drying the dyed wool in the sun.

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