The history of Indian rug making dates back to the fifteenth century. Muslim groups conquered India and brought their rug weaving culture with them. Both King Akbar, their political leader, and Shah Jahan, the builder of the Taj Mahal, were major influences on the expansion of Indian rug weaving. They both were very fond of hand-made crafts. Today, some of the most beautiful hand-made rugs known to man are still being produced in India. There are numerous regions that make distinct styles of rugs in northern India. The price of rugs in separate regions may differ substantially.
Here are some photos I took in India ...

A visit to Pink City.

One of my manufacturer's design rooms.

How many people can fit in a Jeep?

Too many.

Got wool?

Rugs left under the sun to dry.

Thank you, little donkey.

A rug being stretched.

I love the smell of rugs in the morning.

Getting ready to wash the rug.

Final touches.

Photo with some friends.

Rug being woven on a loom.

Historic water castle.

Vigorous wash.

More rugs for streching.

Glorious Taj Mahal (I really did take this photo).
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