What Size Do I Need?

Picking the right size and the placement of your rug

Here are some thoughts that could help you determine the right size rugs to use for your rooms. Remember, if you can get away with a smaller rug, this can help you save money.

Living rooms and Family rooms:

There are two essential philosophies on choosing a size for your living and family rooms.

1. You would like to cover as much as space as possible so the floors or the room does not feel bare. (And this is all relevant to how much furniture you have in this room).

2. Only cover the floor where the seating area is located. This could especially work well if you have a lot of furniture in this room or if the rug is going over wall-to-wall carpeting.

Whether your rug goes under your sofa partially or stops at the front edge is up to you. After trying a few different sizes in a particular room generally the right size becomes obvious.

Dining rooms:

We recommend that your dining room rug should be approximately 1.5 feet to 2 feet longer and wider than the table itself. This rule of thumb will give you enough space to pull the chair in and out without falling off the rug.


It is quite a pleasure to be able to step out of bed onto your nice wool rug instead of your cold bare floors. Also, having a rug in your room will muffle sound. This is your bedroom and you want it to be quiet, comfortable and visually appeally. Some may feel bad about covering a lot of this hand made carpet under the bed, but as long as a substantial part of the rug is visible your eye will fill in the missing pattern.


Foyers, stairs, hallways, kitchens and other areas:

It is important to remember that your handmade oriental rug is easily cleaned and almost indestructible. So wherever appropriate, an oriental rug can accent and complement any room.


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